Adventure – Hope & Rope

It’s thrilling to involve in adventure games. It takes just a step to dive into a whole new world of excitement. It matters a lot how we perceive things but the place itself matters much more. 

People from group Befikre on the top of the hill at Kathotiya Jungle Camp


Last Sunday I travelled with a group of some of the most energized people named “Befikre“, they have decided to defeat age and scale it down to just a number. It was a visit to Kathotiya Jungle Camp, a place located in village Rabiyabad at the vicinity of Bhopal. This site is maintained by Madhya Pradesh Eco-Tourism Development Board.

The camp includes Rappelling, Trekking, Rope Balancing and many more. We went with the first two and it was no way near boredom at all. Everything is being managed by local tribal people from Jatav community. They have all the plans to make your life awesome along with safety. Not only this, Kathotiya camp has everything right from Rope related activities to trekking of different length in different directions in the vast jungle. They provide trek length of up to 50 KM, including night jungle camp. In addition to this, management has all the facilities to chill the stomach’s fire. They provide onsite food facility, right from breakfast to dinner. All this makes it much easier to plan a visit. 

Going through the small spaces to reach the hilltop and coming down from the height of 100ft! It not only tests endurance but also one’s skills to deal knotty problem. While doing trek one not only get nature’s warmth but also gets a chance to view the Gond painting.

A person doing rappelling activity at Katothiya Jungle Camp

It is easy to reach this place from Bhopal If someone is heading towards Kolar Dam via Inayatpura then you will find this place on your way. It’s not much far from the main road; surrounding, peace, nature along with the adventure makes this place worth visiting. To schedule visit, click on:

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